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Tuesday Oct 23,2018

Happy Birthday Alisha R
Tracy M
Happy Birthday my Soul Sista’! 🍷💐🎁💃🏼💪🏻❤️

Alisha R
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  Y’all are the best!

One Bar AssaultMax: Deadlift Max

One Bar Assault

For Time:

20 Assault Bike Cals
20 Deadlifts (85/115)
20 OBB
20 Hang Squat Cleans (85/115)
20 Assault Bike Cals
20 Push Press or Push Jerk (85/115)
20 Assault Bike Cals
20 Hang Squat Cleans
20 OBB
20 Deadlift
20 Assault Bike Cals

E/A:  1/2 reps
B and C:  Choose weight
D:  as written
Option 2 is 30 Cal Row or 500m Run instead of Bike.

0% 0%

Hagen12:35 Rx RX
Alex L14:24 Rx Hang power cleans
Shakotah16:00 Rx Rx hang power clean
Bob16:25 Rx
Kevin T16:30 Rx RX
Warren17:30 Rx SWOD-375#
Ethan C20:30 Rx D: Hang squat cleans + assault bike
Denise Wo22:10 Rx RX
Brian Hu24:33 Rx
Jeanne Pu25:10 Rx RX
Denise S25:56 Rx rx- 2 BIKE/2ROW 85#
Margaret S25:58 Rx RX
Amanda K26:10 Rx RX: swod 220 lb; squat cleans
Amy Mi27:17 Rx RX
Kelly V28:02 Rx Rx
Bridget31:58 Rx RX
Nick S16:41 ROW  Rx SWOD 425#
Cecily17:58  C - 65# bar, bent over row instead of pp
Stephanie Cha18:29  245#DL 75# AB Power cleans
Ryan P19:32  rx / 335#SWOD
Shelbi22:18  65# bar
Daniel K22:20  85#HPC/PP 115#DL
Jeanie22:36  C, RUN 45#
Alisha R23:06  all 85#...HPC
Melissa Hen23:38  C 65#
Jennifer Sl26:04  RX
Jen Sm27:10  65/55
Lizbet27:15  Rx
Stacey B28:38  C: 65#BAR
Amanda E28:57  85#, 10reps on last 3 sets
Yadira30:38  65
Emily H36:44  RX #85
Results Posted: 32

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