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Wednesday Nov 7,2018

Happy Birthday Mike M & Erin H

Somebody Weight for Me!!

EMOM- for 12 mins (4 Sets)
Min 1 - 3-6 Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows  
Min 2 - 30” Handstand Walk/Hold/Plank
Min 3 - 10 Hollow Body Rocks + 10 Superman Angels

“Annie” (Time Cap 18mins)
Double Unders
Ab Mat Sit Ups

A: 20-15-10-15-20  
B:  ½ Rep Annie
C: Singles 100-80-60-40-20

Mobility - 10 Mins Post WOD

0% 0%

Jeanne Pu6:20 Rx RX
Kevin T6:27 Rx RX
Alex L6:37 Rx Emod good except could not walk with HS
Cecily6:55 Rx
Stephanie Cha7:39 Rx Rx, EMOM 4,3,2,2 PU HSH
Warren7:56 Rx 6pu, 30'HSW,
Bridget8:26 Rx Rx
Amanda K8:52 Rx
Kelli10:35 Rx RX
Heath10.5 min left  singles
Jim7:28  C
Michelle M7:49  Singles
Jen Sm8:20  C
Tracy M9:16  C
Yadira10:18  c
Shelbi10:34  C/D
Lizbet11:26  Rx
Jason Ra14:14  C
Kelly V16:15  25DU every rd
Laurissa18:30  C
Janette W19:44  RX
Lona22:00  a
Connie22:00  a
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