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Monday Oct 29,2018

Happy Birthday Kevin G & Lynsie
Beautifully PainfulNo Complaints

Beautifully Painful

SWOD: Find 1RM on Back Squat, S2OH, PC, or Snatch. First 20mins of class.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
7 box jumps
14 kettlebell swings

Men: 30’’ box, 70# KB
Woman: 24’’ box, 53# KB

ENGINE WORK: 500m Row x 3. Rest 3 mins b/t rounds. Record all 3 times. GO F-A-S-T

0% 0%

Amanda M9+10 Rx 1:59, 2:03, 2:04 EW PR BS 175
Alex L8+4 Rx eng. work 1:46, 1:44, 1:44
Jeanne Pu7+14 Rx Rx RX
Emily H6+5 RX Rx #140SWOD
Amanda E5+9 RX Rx RX, PP 145#... PR!!!!!!!!!!
Jason Ra250SQUAT MAX; 8+11; 45#KB  5:51 TOTAL ROW TIME
Lona12 rds  15/20LB
Connie12 RDS  15LB
Chanel B11 ROUNDS  24'BOX 35#KB 30#KB
Tracy M9 rds. #35KB 24'bx  6:51 total row time - BSqts
Stephanie S9 rnds 12:14  30#kb tire jumps 6:74 row
Denay9+7  18' 25
Laura K 30KB 24BOX BS:145#
Lizbet 20KB small box
Stacey B8 +16  30 KB, 24in BOX. SWOD:150
Michele L8+8  35# lbs, swod 130 back squat PR, 110 PC PR
Nancy A8+2  25#db
Kelli7+11  40KB 24BOX PRclean122.5#
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Kelly V 9:05am
Happy birthday to 2 bad asses! ❤️

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