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Monday Jun 2,2014

Welcome Lona & Karlea

It's going down!

Over the BELL burpees
250m run or row  
E: Starts @ 9 row or run
A: Starts @ 10
B: Starts @ 11
C: Starts @ 12
D: Starts @ 12 add L sit hold ea series hold for seconds of series you are on. 12= 12 seconds

100% 0%

Jennifer Pa 35#  1600 row
robin u4142  E/10 2000 METER
Monique P29:04  B. 30 lb. 600 row
Samantha U29:33  C 25kb
Ricki30:00  2000 m rows
Shelly H30:26  C 25KB 2500M
Jalana31:27  A 20lb Row 2400m
Lindsey M31:35  D 30 2508m Row
Abby C31:39  a 20LBS 2500 ROW
Karlea32:01  c 25KB 3000 ROW
Veronica S32:02  C 15
Catriona32:30  C 25LB
Laurel32:36  a 2000meters 15 lbb
Lea33:05  C 20lb
Lanette33:33  B 20KB 2400ROW
Jo A33:34  A 20 kb; 2200 Row
Gillian34:02  E 10DB 3255M ROW
Ruth H34;11  a 7 2000 ROW
Heather t34:15  A 25 1000m row
Jada34:15  b 20lb kb 400 meters
Margaret A34:15  b 20lb kb 400 meters
Jen U34:20  C 25lb KB- 1400 row
Sheri W34:35  D 40kb
Stephanie S34:45  A- 2000 M
Sean Mc35:04  D 60lb ket
Jamie Cr35:30  A 20lb 1200m row
Kaylee35:40  a 10lb
Kristi Ge35:55  C 30
Melanie L36:18  C 35# 2400row
Mark M36:21  A,25 lb kb
Lona36:34  a15 row 4000
monica r36:47  C 25kb (3000 row)
Tracey_D_King37:23  C 20#KB 5500m row
Katie A37:47  D 35lb 2700m row
Misti37:49  C 25lb
Sarah Sa38:15  20 2200 METER ROW
Carol P38:20  b 25 row 4400
Kelly R38:56  3000
Kevin T39:13  D 45lb
Heather B39:47  B 30KB
Tracey40:03  E 10LB KB 1800 M ROW
Carla R40:14  D 35lb
Sherry41:50  C 12 lb
Janette W41:52  D 20KB 2500 ROW
Keiron41:53  B 20 kb 2200 m row
Mariana42:44  D 15lb 4000m row
Annie t42:51  D-35 (rowed extra 1600)
Karen S45:02  B 30 row 2200
Jodi45:18  c 25
Sharon C46:10  C 25# kb row 4800m
Mike M48:30  C 35
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