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Wednesday Dec 5,2018

That's One Big Hump to Get OverBench Press

That's One Big Hump to Get Over

10 Rounds for Time
20 Cals Bike
20 Wall Balls(10/14)
20 Single Leg KB Deadlifts (35/53)

E/A: 7 Rnds, 10/10/10 (Pick Load)
B: 10 Rnds, (Pick Load)
C: As Written (Rx)
D: Rx+ 10 Rnds, (14/20WB, 53/70 KBDL)

Cecily44:27 Rx+ D
Bob38:24 Rx C
Amy Mi47:46 Rx RX
Amanda M49:14 Rx 14 WB 35 KB
Kelly V49:44 Rx Rx
Yadira30:20  30k
Lona30:25  25#kb
Laurissa34:00  4 rds 35kb 10wb
Amanda E36:34  5rds: 45#KB, 10#WB
Tricia48:47  Rx
Lizbet51:25  Rx
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Stephanie Cha 8:47pm