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Friday Feb 15,2019

Rewind, Just in Case you missed it.Cindy Full of Grace and C&J Heavy Single

Rewind, Just in Case you missed it.

For Time: 10-1 Reps
Toes 2 Bar or K2E
Kettlebell Swings
Medball Cleans
60” Bear Crawl after each round (10X)

E/A: 10-8-6-4-2
B: 8-1 Reps
C: 10-1 Pick Loads
D: As Written, KB 35/53, 14/20# Medball

0% 0%

Bridget18:20 Rx Rx
Maddy30  B (15lb)
Savannah-Grace19:00  C 14# ball 10kb
Emily H20:10  D
Andrea L22:53  D
Connie23:00  A/plus10
Nancy A27:01b  25#kb 12 med ball
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