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Thursday, Jul 20, 2017



In 25 mins:
100 Cal Bike
1 Mile Run (6.5 laps)
Row for Max Cals
Score is total Cals Rowed

A: 30 Cal Bike, 500m Run, Row Cals (20 mins)
B: 60 Cal Bike, 750m Run, Row Cals (20 mins)
C: 80 Cal Bike, 1000m Run, Row Cals (25 mins)
D/IACF: As written (25 mins)

Chosen as WOD: Thu,Jul 20,2017
Whit166 Rx
Shakotah153 Rx
CecilyD 22:31 50 thrusters 45# instaed of 1 mi and 100 cal row  .
George138  D
Mark R105  D
brandon S102  D 1
Blaire W100  B
Jen Sm100  d - 28 ROW
Jake C95  D
Jeremy87  D
Tommy W86  Rx
Jason Ra80  b
Amanda MD 77  Rx
Katie L70  c
Tyson62 D  D
Kaitlyn Ar60  B
Anna Marf58  C
Micaela50  28:45 D
John G46  D 50thrusters in place of run 75#
Christi R40  D
Tricia39  D
Daniel K39  D RX
Emily H29  D
Amanda E28  RX/D - I hate the bike..
Kirsten Ma D
Amanda K D
Claire Ro D
Jessica Cl D
Results Posted: 28