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Wednesday Feb 21,2018

Happy Birthday Tricia
Welcome Renee M
get over that HUMP DAY!Wet Rain

get over that HUMP DAY!

AMRAP 35mins.

15 Alt DB Snatch
12 Slamballs
9 Up & Over Box Jumps
6 Burpees over Ball
3 Wall Walks (Handstand hold/Pike Hold)

A: 100m
B: 250m
C: 500m
D: 500m 35#/50#db, 20/30#sb, 20/24'box, WW

Kelly V5rds  40min C-20#db 20”box 20#sb
Yadira6 rds  20 db 20 s
Hannah C35:00  5+7 20 in box, 25#db, 20sb
Rick M35:00  5 rds; D; stepups; hspu
Jeanie35:37  5; 15# sb,db
Antione35:40  level D, 50 lb bd, 30 lb wb, 24 in box
Jason Ra36:08  C, 35 lb db, 30 lb sb, 20'
Katie L36:47  C-15lb SB; 20 lb DB; 20 in BJ
Tabitha36:50  6 rounds: B: 15# DB; Box steps w/10# DB; 10# SB
Renee M37:00  15#DB box step up with 15# DB level A
Stephanie S38:01 5rnds  C 20#sb 20#db ww
Jen Sm39:24  c/ 12/20 SB/16 Box/ww
Connie40:20  5 rounds
Joann41:20  C, 5 rds, 20# db, 20” box, 20# sb, pike hold
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Joann 5:33pm
Pause for Prayer 🙏 , finish round. 💪
Tracy M 10:28pm
😂 that is how it worked out for you today isn't it it also resulted in a finish around