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Thursday Aug 16,2018

Chippy Chipper ChipLast Dance

Chippy Chipper Chip

For Time:
100 JR/DU
90 Jumping Air Squats
80 Over the Shoulder SB Toss
70 Russian Ab Sets
60 OH Weighted Lunges (ea)
50 Weighted Step Ups w/ DB
40 Wallballs
30 T2B/T2R
20 Inchworms
10 Manmakers
5 Wall Walks
1 Run

E/A: Cut reps in half, 100m run,
B: 250m run
C: 500m run
D: DU, 14/20# WB, 15/30# DB 500m run

Denise S38:55 Rx D 120 weighted lunges is NO JOKE! RX (DU, 14#, WW, t2b, 15#) -harder than it looks, you have been warned;-)
Angela Bro41:46  B 12#wb, 10#db
Sydney S46:19  20LB BALL 15DB
Jackie47:00  15LB BALL/15LB DB