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Monday Dec 10,2018

Happy Birthday Jenny J
Stephanie Cha
We did Jackie on Nov.21st after another WOD.  You might want to take a look at your time from that date.

5's aliveOHS and Jackie

5's alive

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5 Burpees
15 Box jumps
20 Sit-ups
250 Run

E: 100 JR/3 rounds
A:  100 JR/4 rounds
B:  200 JR/6 rounds
C:  300 JR/7 rounds
D:  100 DUs/7 rounds 3 wall walks prior to run ea round (53#/70# KB)

100% 0%

Kelly V37:41 Rx Rx
Michele L29:55  C: 300 jr, 35#kb
Lona32:32  25kb/4rounds
Connie32:32  20kb/4rounds
Jeanie34:23  C; 25#kb; row
Cindy K37:38  C 25#kb
Lizbet42:02  C: Kb #30
Mike Can47:32 D 70#  D 70#
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