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Thursday, Nov 23, 2017

Turkey-or-Ham...Corn or Greens...Oh the choices

30 min AMRAP  

Buy IN:  
50 Flutter kick sets or 50 Mt.Climbers (ea)  

*Choose 1 movement per line ... per round

8 Push Ups/HRPU or RR's or Pull-Ups
16 Burpees or Alt DB Snatch  
24 Wtd-Sit Ups or Sit-N-Twist sets w DB or Wipers
16 Wtd - (DB) Squats or Lunges or Curtsy Lunges
8 Knee Raises /K2E, or K2C, or T2B  
250m or 500m run or Row or Bike Cals (13/15 or 26/30)

Buy Out... Plank Hold as long as possible :)

Jennifer WilsRx 36:05, 25# kb
Zach4rds 30:55 Rx
Claire Ro4-15DB Rx 31 min
CecilyRx 8pu, 16 burpee, 24 wtdsup, 16 wtd squats, 8t2b, 500m run
Janette WRx T2B/ 25#db
Daniel K 32:31 Pullx4 Pushx1 35#DB T2B. 250run Plank-1:30
Amanda M 25 KB
Brittany R MTC, PU, BP, 20#DB-SNT, S, K2E, 250MR
Kevin T 35lb, 500m, PU, Pull up, TTB, plank 2min
Shelbi Hspu, alt snatch, sit&twist, squats/lunges t2b 500m run
Rick M4 rds  500 m row
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Rick M 6:51pm
Nice WOD  TM!  Happy turkey day to all!