04/24 Lisa Hooker. Happy Hooker WOD

Surprise would be an understatement to describe my reaction when I found out I was spotlight boot camper!!!  I question my abilities to be the person in the spotlight (especially with my modified workouts!), but Thank You, Channel, for the honor!

I have always been an athlete.  I love sports, and have always been involved in at least one sport at a time.  I grew up in Idaho and Utah, and both my brother and I were avid skiers all through school. I played volleyball and basketball, as well as ran track and played softball.  I was 5’10 by the time I turned 13.  I always bragged that I had good “genes”, which up until I turned 40, I think I really did!

While living on Maui, I discovered tennis. I enjoy the competitive spirit and sense of camaraderie I get from group sports, and I love being part of a team, although I prefer playing singles.  Tennis took a toll (and still does!) on my body and by the time I turned 32 I had already had 2 back surgeries and 1 ACL knee reconstruction.  

I met my husband, Doug, while filming a TV commercial, and we ended up marrying after 12 years as friends.  He also enjoys tennis.  In 2006, we got pregnant.  Hawaii is a great place to live, but it’s not the best place to raise kids.  After 20 years on Maui,  we moved to SA on December 1, 2006 with our six month old, 3 dogs, and 20 years of accumulated possessions.  The “50 year ice storm!” was my official welcome to Texas.  

It took awhile to adjust to Texas, but I found a tennis team to join out of Newks and got back to my favorite competitive sport!  I was playing about 5 days a week and loving every moment until I tore a tendon in my ankle, was misdiagnosed and mis-treated, which in turn shredded my tendon and blew out my ankle.    A full ankle reconstruction and 9 months of rehab put me in the worst shape of my life!  Thankfully, Tammie Onderdonk was to be my future neighbor and she recruited me to ABC.  I don’t remember the first WOD I attended, but I remember how sore I was for days after! However, I WAS HOOKED!!!!

A year after my ankle reconstruction, I needed to have my first shoulder replacement, followed by a 2nd replacement just a year ago. (Thank you, best buddy, Shannan Rauch!  You hit a MEAN tennis ball!)   Remember what I said about good genes?  NOT TRUE!!!  

Amazing Boot Camp has become my way of “staying strong and being healthy!” Channel and all of the instructors have always been supportive of what I can and can’t do.  They want what’s best for me, but trust that I know my limits. Hence my modifications!  I absolutely LOVE all of you that I work out with.  Your words of encouragement, positive attitudes and the huge feeling of family keep me coming back. Thank you all for everything you do for me!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Friday, May 09, 2014

Jennifer Wan 7:17pm
Hooker I finally posted!  I always love your smiling face at bc. I hope you are healing up!  We miss seeing you!  You have always hped push me and I so appreciate it!  Congrats in being SBC

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kelli 7:11am
YAY HOOKER!!! 😃 So happy for you!! Congrats on the Spotlight! Its always great seeing your smile! You always give it your all! And I love that when I see you I can yell HOOKER and you still smile at me 😉 haha! Love coaching and woding with you and getting to know you better! Xoxo

Alisha R 8:48am
Congrats Lisa!  You are so very deserving of the spotlight.  You always give 110% to your workouts and that's what it's all about! Modified or not,  you work hard and get results. ... All while encouraging others.   I love working out with you because you always seem to lift me up at the right time. You are amazing!  So proud to honor you today.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shelly H 11:04am
Lisa – so excited that you are the Spotlight Bootcamper!  I really enjoy working out with you!  You are so fun in the mornings and keep me motivated.  Watching you make each WOD your own is inspiring to me as I work through this stupid foot/knee issue.  Can’t wait to see what a happy HOOKER WOD involves!  Love ya!

Carol P 7:18pm
Can't wait to do the Happy Hooker with you!  So glad you are one of my ''people'.  You are a wonderful  friend and I adore being around you.  Also, I lthink of you as a mentor  and hope when I'm your age I am as bad ass as you are.  Xoxo, Carol (ha!).

Amy F 7:55pm
So excited you are the Spotlight Bootcamper!  You so deserve this!  I love your constant enthusiasm and your drive to always stay in shape and healthy!  You are a constant inspiration to all who know you!  Super congrats!

Jason Ro 7:56pm
Hey Lisa  
You do deserve to be the spotlight boot camper, cause I remember one time when I was a newbie. I was trying to finish a wod and was wondering why I keep coming back for this abuse😳Part of the wod was to run laps inside the netted area with your ball!! You were siting on the turf with some other ladies cooling down and you said something very encouraging to me. That was a big deal to me! It helped me finish that wod and helped me to understand what an encouraging word can mean to somebody. Even when you don't think it matters.  So, yes!! You deserve to be the spotlight boot camper!!  You rock Hooker!!Many blessings  Jason&Cyndi

Katie A 8:53pm
We love you Lisa Hooker!!!!! Congratulations on being SBC!!!! You are a ray of sunshine and blesses all so much with your presence!!! You push through every WOD and I never here you complain. So proud to call you my friend and look forward to seeing you every WOD!! Wooooohoooooo!!!! Way To Go!!!!
With Love,  
Katie & BA

Lisa K 9:07pm
You rock ABC and totally deserve this honor!  You are a motivation to others during WODs and in the way you live your live with enthusiasm and perseverance.

Tana 9:27pm
Woo hoo Lisa...congrats on being SPotlight boot camper  
You rock girl
Can't wait for tomorrow has in store

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