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Friday Sep 14,2018

Happy Birthday Judi
It's going down!Low Fuel

It's going down!

Over the BELL burpees
250m run or row  
E: Starts @ 9 row or run
A: Starts @ 10
B: Starts @ 11
C: Starts @ 12
D: Starts @ 12 add L sit hold ea series hold for seconds of series you are on. 12= 12 seconds

100% 0%

Nancy A30  a #25kb
Henry31.00  A
Jennifer K27:17  a, 20#KB, RUN/ROW
Rodney34:03  40 # kb RAN ALL ROUNDS
Yadira40:30  c
Tyson41:49  RX
Tracy M41:49  RX
Connie46:40  12/15lb
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