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Sunday Feb 17,2019

Happy Birthday Afton & Charlie S & Aaron P
Two Words....Spring Break, Part APart B

Two Words....Spring Break, Part A

WOD 1:  
In 4 mins:
Buy in 500m Row
As Many KBS As Possible w/ remaining time (35/53)
REST 1min x 4 rounds.

A/E: 250M Row, Pick Load
B: 350M, Pick Load
C: 500M, Pick Load
D: As Written

WOD2 - 12 Min Time Cap
5 Rounds
10 Hollow Rocks (HR)
10 V-Ups
10 Tuck Ups
10 second Hollow Hold
1 minute Rest
Rest one minute after each round. The score will be total time it take to complete all 5 rounds including each rest period.
A/E: HR Hold 10', Sit Ups, Tuck Ups, HR Hold
D: As Written

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Stephanie Cha 8:32pm